Dr. Allen's Practice

Dr. Allen’s current practice involves caring for all ages— from babies to the elderly and she enjoys this profoundly. She completed her doctoral thesis on thyroid disorders and has pursued extensive postgraduate training in endocrinology. She sees hundreds of patients for a variety of thyroid disorders. She has completed a certificate program at the Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine, that involved several years of post graduate classes including diverse topics in women’s health and primary care.

Her extensive training and experience in obstetrics, endocrinology and women’s health makes her especially effective at treating hormonal problems. Dr. Allen is comfortable treating patients with anxiety, depression or psychological problems, which is a wonderful way to combine medical school and social work experience.

She has a special interest and skill in pediatrics. She loves helping children and their families solve acute and chronic health problems. As a social worker she worked mostly with troubled children and their families and she really enjoys helping young families avoid these problems by good nutrition, parenting support and becoming sort of an extended family for patients.

Dr. Allen also has a big focus on physical medicine. She has trained in and taught the Bowen method since 1993, has training in Rolfing, cranial sacral therapy, trigger point injections, prolotherapy, touch for health, spinal manipulation , physical therapy machines, exercise programs, ergonomics, postural assessment, and foot care. She has extensive experience treating males and females of all ages for injuries and accidents.

With Dr. Allen as your doctor, you will feel listened to, welcome and nurtured. She works very hard at discovering the cause of your illness and works with you to develop a manageable and comfortable treatment plan. She is unique among her colleagues for her ability to intertwine conventional and alternative medicine and empowering you to manage your own health care with her support.